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Maa Durga Bhajan and Devotional Songs App
Offlne Maa Durga Bhajan and Aarti with Lyrics
Maa Durga Photos, Wallpapers and Images of Indian Gods and Goddesses
Maa Durga Bhakti Geet
Hindi Bhajan App
Create your favourite list of Maa Durga Bhajans
  • User-friendly and well-organized user interface.

  • The play screen features many advanced controls.

  • Lock screen provides the basic play controls.

  • Lyrics available in Hindi with auto-smooth scrolling.

  • Shuffle option to change to a new play-path.

  • Easy creation of your favorite playlist.

Top Rated Maa Durga Bhajan App

The app is a phenomenal collection of songs, perfect for reciting at home, during the Durga Puja / Navratri celebrations.

Download the app and listen to Maa Durga Chalisa, Bhajans and Navratri Songs to invoke the blessings of the Goddess!


Rated #1 Maa Durga app



Durga Chalisa Bhajans and Aarti