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What is PNR Status?

PNR Status tells the latest seat berth status of passenger in Indian Railways i.e. whether passenger has got confirmed reservation, Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC) or the passenger is in waiting list. For waiting list or rac passengers, pnr status might change to confirmed in future if other passengers on this trip cancel their journey. For passengers who have cancelled their trip, it is shown as Can/Mod. PNR status also tells the origin station, boarding point, destination station, travel class, quota and charting status. Once final chart is prepared, the PNR status live freezes and does not change after that.

How can I check Indian Railway PNR status live?

Enter your 10-digit railway PNR number on Hotfoot app and click "PNR Status" button. You will see the current status of your PNR along with confirmation chances, departure-arrival timings and delay status.

Is there an app to check train pnr status on mobile?

Luckily, Hotfoot provides very high rated apps for android, window and iphones. Hotfoot PNR Status app on playstore is rated 4.5/5 and more than 2 million train travellers are using this app.

My train PNR status is showing booking status WL/27/GN, but current status is showing CNF. Did my ticket get confirmed?

The current status tells the latest status. Since under current status is CNF, therefore your ticket has got confirmed.

My current PNR status in IRCTC is showing RAC/10/GN. What does this mean?

This means your ticket is in RAC status. You will have to share your berth with some other person in the train. However, on chart preparation your PNR status might upgrade to CNF or confirmed where you will get a full dedicated berth.

PNR status enquiry of my train ticket is CNF/B1/8/NC. Does that mean my ticket is confirmed or not?

Your ticket is confirmed and you have been allotted berth number 8 in coach B1 which is a third AC coach.

Does checking railway PNR status let me know Passenger name, age or gender?

You cannot get personal details like name, age and gender by checking pnr status on hotfoot apps or indian railway website due to privacy concerns. However, a person who has booked the ticket can see these details if he logs to irctc website using his same username and password and checks pnr status there.

I have lost my train ticket but I remember my PNR Number. Can I still travel?

If a passenger has booked an e-ticket from IRCTC website and forgets to take the e-ticket print out but remembers the PNR number then there is no problem provided the passenger has a valid id proof. IRCTC ticket booking sms is also allowed in place of ticket print out. On missing both print out and sms, a penalty of Rs.50 per ticket can be levied by TTE. However for counter tickets passenger needs to carry both original ticket and a valid id proof. If one has lost the ticket but remembers PNR number, a duplicate ticket can be requested from railway reservation counters.

Live pnr status is showing that the train is cancelled. How can a train get cancelled. Will I be getting refund?

Under unavoidable circumstances, the train might get cancelled. One can check pnr status on Hotfoot Apps to find if the train is cancelled or not. For such cases, ticket booked on IRCTC is automatically cancelled and entire booking amount is refunded back. Passenger does not need to file TDR in such cases. However, if passenger cancels the ticket on their own, then the usual cancellation rules apply.