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Brief History About The Application

View Of Home Page with Bhajans , Offline and Playlist functionalities.

Brief History - We wanted to build a simple yet intuitive “FREE” app for our parents who recite some of the shlokas, aartis and bhajans as a prayer every morning. They liked it so we thought of putting it out on the app store. This is a humble attempt to create a quick reference and memorisation aid for the verses of some popular pujas and Hindi bhajans. We have added Audio so you can listen to the bhajans while driving or busy with other activities or household chores.

The English translation is an attempt to match the word order as closely as possible to the original words in Sanskrit or Hindi. Collections of Bhajans and Aarti specific to Diwali, Durga Puja and other important festivals are also now added.

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Excellent app. Good Interface. Great compilation of bhajans.

User friendly, informative and soothing bhajans.

Amazing collection of aartis and bhajans. I'm loving it. All Versions: